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Popular cosmetic treatments that must NOT be carried out during pregnancy

    If you are expecting a baby, you don’t have to give up taking care of yourself. In fact, it is advisable! You can still make hair appointments and get your hands treated. Unfortunately, however, the list of pleasures available to you has now shortened considerably. There are a number of common beauty treatments that you should absolutely not undergo during pregnancy. We list a few of them in our guide.

    Laser hair removal

    If you did not undergo this treatment before you became pregnant, you will unfortunately now have to wait a long time to visit the beauty salon. The reason is pain, which should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy. It is also not 100% known how laser radiation affects – and if at all – the foetus. Therefore, for safety reasons, refrain from laser hair removal during pregnancy.


    We also do not recommend undergoing waxing, which is very painful and in turn causes the secretion of cortisol – the stress hormone that harms the foetus.

    Lymphatic drainage

    This, as well as other anti-cellulite treatments, are ruled out during pregnancy. Why? Because when they are performed, the patient’s blood pressure increases, which is not beneficial for the foetus and can even be dangerous for it. So give up on lymphatic drainage, body-wrapping or endermologie.

    Chemical peeling

    Strong acids, led by glycolic and mandelic acids, as well as retinol, are most commonly used for these peels. There is a risk that these will penetrate the bloodstream and thus the foetus. The matter is very serious, as such a situation can even lead to miscarriage. Therefore, no responsible beautician or cosmetologist will perform a chemical peel on a client who is pregnant.

    Cavitation peeling

    This is a procedure that uses ultrasound. These in turn penetrate the foetus, which can lead to foetal damage. It is therefore not possible to safely undergo a cavitation peeling treatment. This applies to all treatments using electricity and ultrasound.

    Permanent make-up

    If you are thinking of having it done, decide to do it before you get pregnant. Afterwards, it will be out of the question. During permanent make-up, the skin can be damaged, which in turn promotes various infections. These are dangerous not only for the mother but also for the developing baby.

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