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Suggestions for a sports gift: rubber bands, mats, dumbbells and exercise balls

    Christmas is approaching and it’s time to look for carefully chosen gifts for loved ones. This is never an easy task, but if you have people among your loved ones who love sport, are undergoing rehabilitation or are particularly concerned about their health and fitness, it is worth considering buying sports accessories for exercising at home. In the following overview, we mainly present sports accessories and equipment that help with exercises using your own body weight. Enjoy!

    Physical exertion develops and strengthens our bodies and significantly supports immunity and mental fitness. Numerous studies by independent scientists and the opinions of people who exercise are unequivocal – exercise improves mood, provides emotional peace and supports mental balance. During exercise, the brain produces serotonin and endorphins known as the elements of happiness. It has also been proven that after physical activity, the brain is significantly better oxygenated, which contributes to a better mood. Order exercise accessories as gifts and show your loved ones that you care.

    Individual exercise bands

    Exercise bands are now one of the most popular exercise aid items. Most well-known fitness trainers use them when running their exercise programmes. They are used for stretching and allow you to train virtually all parts of the body.

    Individual exercise mats

    Another item we should start with is exercise mats. They protect our joints when performing various gymnastics, yoga, aerobics or Pilates exercises.


    This is the most commonly used equipment in gyms and its essential equipment. With dumbbells and kettlebells you will be able to take care of and maintain the correct proportions of your body. You will improve the muscles of your arms, shoulders, back and legs. Using them is very versatile and allows you to develop almost every muscle group. It is definitely worth paying attention to what they are made of, the rubber coating will often protect our floor from damage. In addition, the cross-section and design of the handle is also important, due to the size of the hand, not all weights are suitable for women.

    Orbitrek or magnetic bike

    If you plan to make a gym with a space for so-called cardio in a small room, e.g. in a separate part of the room, choose special models for a flat or house, pay attention to the width of the footprint and the length and height of the stride, this is especially important when ordering online. For treadmills, check in the description or with the retailer the entire width and length of the tool, not just the running belt itself.

    Exercise ball

    Exercise balls have become very popular recently. They are relatively inexpensive and the range of benefits of exercising on special balls, is extremely large. Exercise balls are ideal for strengthening the muscles responsible for a correct figure. Just sitting on a ball enforces correct posture. The balls are primarily used to strengthen the abdominal muscles and spine. They are used to perform abductor stretches and props. Importantly, the exercises on the balls engage the deep muscles that enable us to maintain our balance.

    Exercise bars

    At the beginning of your adventure with the home gym, we do not recommend buying a large atlas. You will never use most of the functions of this piece of equipment, and it takes up a lot of space and is expensive. Our recommendation is a pull-up bar. The bar is much cheaper, it is easy to use and assemble and is above all a great tool for training at home. With the bar we can exercise our back muscles, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles.

    Equipment mats

    Otherwise known as puzzle mats. They protect our knees, and joints, but also the floor, the equipment itself and often the relationship with our neighbours.

    The mats help with joint protection, stabilisation, dampening work on the equipment, treadmill or magnetic bike. Equipment mats are quite thick and have joints.

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