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Vegan sweets – what’s worth knowing about them?

    It is no longer only in health food shops, but also in discount shops and hypermarkets that you will come across whole batches of vegan products. Although they are intended for people who do not eat animal products, they are also popular with those who follow a healthy, balanced diet. Vegan sweets seem to be a particularly interesting option, which we take a closer look at in our guide.

    What are vegan sweets?

    Vegan sweets, as the name suggests, do not contain any ingredients of zoonotic origin. Thus, neither cow’s/goat’s/sheep’s milk nor eggs or, for example, gelatine are used in their production.

    Zoonotic products are replaced by plant-based ones, such as coconut milk or soya milk. Sucrose (table sugar), palm oil and other products that are controversial from a dietary or ecological point of view are also very often not found in such sweets.

    For whom?

    Vegan sweets are not only for declared vegans. Of course, such people are the main target group for these products, but sweets in this category can be a valuable addition to the diet of people who want to lose weight (reduced calorie vegan sweets) or who want to exclude highly processed products from their diet.

    Benefits of vegan sweets

    Above all, vegan sweets are much healthier than regular sweets – mainly those that, in addition to the absence of zoonotic products, do not contain table sugar.

    The fact that vegan sweets exist opens up this group of products to people who are gluttons, but do not eat anything that comes from animals for reasons of worldview.

    We would also like to draw attention to the fact that most vegan sweets are very nutritious and are therefore considered superfoods. They can therefore be an attractive addition to the diet of people who are eating consciously.

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